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Code Course name Programme
BI-AG1 Algorithms and Graphs 1 bachelor
BI-AG2 Algorithms and Graphs 2 bachelor
BI-TSx Theoretical Seminar bachelor
BI-ACM Programming Practices bachelor
BI-VAK Selected Applications of Combinatorics bachelor
BI-ORL Operations Research and Linear Programming bachelor
NI-GAK Graph Theory and Combinatorics master
NI-CPX Complexity master
NI-PAM Efficient Preprocessing and Parameterized Algorithms master
NI-ATH Algorithmic Game Theory master
NI-VOL Theory of Voting Systems master
NI-KTH Combinatorial Game Theory master
NI-LOM Linear Optimization master
NI-SLA Sublinear algorithms master
NI-TSx Theoretical Seminar master
PI-TGR Graph Theory doctoral