Monday seminar

Our regular monday seminar takes place at Faculty of Information Technology in building TH:A, room 1247. We usually start at 01:00 PM, pizza 🍕 is available from 12:35 PM. All talks are streamed via Zoom.

Next seminar

The date of the next seminar is currently not known. We are probably having winter/summer break. In the meantime, feel free to watch recordings of our past seminars.

Past seminars

26 Feb 2024 Štěpán Plachý Shortest Characteristic Factors of a Deterministic Finite Automaton and Computing Its Positive Position Run by Pattern Set Matching Details Recording
19 Feb 2024 Radovan Červený Generating faster algorithms for d-Path Vertex Cover Details Recording
18 Dec 2023 Gaurav Kucheriya Characterization of edge-ordered graphs with linear extremal functions Details
11 Dec 2023 Maria Saumell Mendiola Computing largest minimum color-spanning intervals of imprecise points Details
4 Dec 2023 Michal Opler The Hierarchy of Hereditary Sorting Operators Details Recording
27 Nov 2023 Matěj Konečný EPPA numbers of graphs Details Recording
20 Nov 2023 Arun Kumar Das Approximation Algorithms for Orthogonal Line Centers Details
13 Nov 2023 Denys Bulavka Strict Erdős-Ko-Rado theorems for simplicial complexes Details Recording
6 Nov 2023 Martin Doležal Categorical approach to graph limits Details
30 Oct 2023 Nikolaos Melissinos Odd Chromatic Number of Graph Classes Details Recording
23 Oct 2023 Jan Matyáš Křišťan Shortest Dominating Set Reconfiguration under Token Sliding Details Recording
16 Oct 2023 Rostilav Horčík Classical Planning and Cost-Adversarial Planning Games Details Recording
9 Oct 2023 Foivos Fioravantes Recontamination helps a lot to hunt a rabbit Details Recording
2 Oct 2023 Ondřej Guth On expressive power of regular expressions with subroutine calls and lookaround assertions Details Recording
25 Sep 2023 Pavel Dvořák Sliding Window Algorithms for Weighted Matching Details Recording
5 Jun 2023 Harmender Gahlawat On the cop number of string graphs Details Recording
22 May 2023 Ivan Bliznets Fair Division with Minimal Withheld Information in Social Networks Details Recording
15 May 2023 Michal Dvořák Establishing Herd Immunity is Hard Even in Simple Geometric Networks Details Recording
2 May 2023 Kristýna Pekárková Matrices with Bounded Graver Bases Details
24 Apr 2023 Jan Starý Unfriendly Partitions Details Recording
17 Apr 2023 Vít Jelínek On Fishburn numbers Details Recording
3 Apr 2023 Štěpán Plachý On the smallest synchronizing terms of finite tree automata Details
27 Mar 2023 Kristina Asimi Promise CSP (standard and seen from the other side) Details Recording
20 Mar 2023 Kristian Hengster-Movric Models of Disagreement and Polarization on Social Networks Details Recording
13 Mar 2023 Václav Blažej Constrained Level Planarity Details
6 Mar 2023 Nikolaos Melissinos Digraph Coloring and Distance to Acyclicity Details Recording
27 Feb 2023 Radek Hušek Counting Cycle Double Covers Details Recording
20 Feb 2023 Jan Pokorný The Parameterized Complexity of Network Microaggregation Details Recording
12 Dec 2022 Jan Hubička Introduction to big Ramsey degrees Details Recording
5 Dec 2022 Jakub Balabán Bounding twin-width using red potential Details Recording
28 Nov 2022 Georg Grasegger Paradoxical motions and edge colorings Details
21 Nov 2022 Kateřina Trlifajová Sizes of countable sets Details Recording
14 Nov 2022 Tung Anh Vu Capacitated k-Center in Low Doubling and Highway Dimension Details
7 Nov 2022 Foivos Fioravantes Complexity of Finding Maximum Locally Irregular Induced Subgraphs Details Recording
31 Oct 2022 Michal Opler Griddings of permutations and hardness of pattern matching Details
24 Oct 2022 Václav Blažej On Polynomial Kernels for Traveling Salesperson Problem and its Generalizations Details Recording
17 Oct 2022 Jan Matyáš Křišťan Constant Factor Approximation for Tracking Paths and Fault Tolerant Feedback Vertex Set Details Recording
10 Oct 2022 Jocelyn Thiebaut Sparse tournaments and their generalisation Details Recording
3 Oct 2022 Dušan Knop Scheduling Kernels via Configuration LP Details
26 Sep 2022 Antonio Bellon Time-Varying Semidefinite Programming: Geometry of the Trajectory of Solutions Details Recording
19 Sep 2022 Jan Volec The sixth Ramsey number is at most 147 Details
2 May 2022 Petr Fišer SAT-Based Generation of Optimum Circuits Details Recording
25 Apr 2022 Pavel Paták Shellability Details Recording
11 Apr 2022 Francesco Dolce Representing infinite words on cellular automata Details
4 Apr 2022 Tomáš Jakl Game comonads in Finite Model Theory Details Recording
28 Mar 2022 Michal Opler Long paths, deep trees and permutation pattern-counting Details Recording
14 Mar 2022 Jan Legerský Flexibility of braced Penrose tilings and other infinite frameworks Details Recording
7 Mar 2022 Sanjukta Roy Fractional Matchings under Preferences: Stability and Optimality Details Recording
28 Feb 2022 Pavel Hrabák Agents Heterogeneity in Cellular Models of Pedestrian Flow Details Recording
21 Feb 2022 Christoph Kirsch Quantum Advantage for All Details Recording
14 Feb 2022 Jocelyn Thiebaut On the Approximation Hardness of Geodetic Set and its Variants Details Recording
13 Dec 2021 Abhishek Sahu Dynamic Parameterized Problems Details Recording
6 Dec 2021 Filip Křikava Large-scale program analysis for language evolution Details Recording
22 Nov 2021 Eng Keat Hng Minimum Degree Conditions for Powers of Cycles and Paths Details Recording
15 Nov 2021 Maria Saumell Mendiola Minimum Color Spanning Circle in Imprecise Setup Details Recording
8 Nov 2021 Ondřej Suchý Beyond Max-Cut: λ-Extendible Properties Parameterized Above the Poljak-Turzík Bound Details Recording
1 Nov 2021 Robert Šámal Interval representation of balanced separators in graphs avoiding a minor Details Recording
25 Oct 2021 Andreas Emil Feldmann The Parameterized Complexity of the Survivable Network Design Problem Details Recording
18 Oct 2021 Václav Blažej Bears with Hats and Independence Polynomials Details Recording
16 Oct 2021 Maria Saumell Mendiola Minimum Color Spanning Circle in Imprecise Setup Details
11 Oct 2021 Ondřej Guth Automata Approach to Inexact Tree Pattern Matching Using 1-degree Edit Distance Details Recording
4 Oct 2021 Jan Volec Existence of common graphs with large chromatic number Details Recording
20 Sep 2021 Radovan Červený On Kernels for d-Path Vertex Cover Details Recording